Here are my thoughts on Factor V11 deficiency

  1. Factor V11 is one of the minor clotting factors.

  1. No deerhound to my knowledge has died as a result of Factor V11 deficiency.

  1. FactorV11 deficient dogs live normal lives and mostly go undiagnosed.

  1. FactorV11 deficiency has likely been present in the breed for longer than we have been breeders.

  1. The danger is that with such a small gene pool we will eliminate FactorV11 deficiency dogs from this pool and end up with more serious problems.

I initially had my dogs tested for factor V11 deficiency but will no longer have any of my new dogs tested. I will continue breeding my deerhounds as before. I have had deerhounds for 38 years and have never had anyproblems with clotting. Finally if your deerhound has to go for surgery and you are concerned about clotting have a simple 'clotting time' performed by your vet which will tell you if your hound has a problem.

Nell MacBean