A note from Bill Colosimo - Karen and I saw Ebony when he was just a pup (Summer, 1994)   and fell in love with him and persuaded Seumas and Nell to send him  to us in September of 1994. His official registry was with Karen and William Colosimo, Frances Smith and Wendy Fast whom you know as still breeding in New York. His show career was fast and furious and he obtained his championship in December 1995.

He was a new import from Scotland and people fell in love with his look. We started using him and breeding in 1995 and as far as my records go we saw that he bred some 10 to 15 times. I know Karen kept good records but I have lost track of much of them and also with the owners. I know she listed that Ebony sired some 10 to 15 champions in the course of his career. His most important win, however, was at the 1997 Specialty in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. That's where this picture comes from.

image to come

Hopefully this will help fill in some of the spaces. Karen became sick around 2000 and we obviously stopped everything so the records are scarce.